How to Become a Web Designer in 2020

How to Become a Web Designer in 2020

If you ever thought about “How to become a web designer?” you will get the answer today.

Web designers are people who give personality (technically: Use interface) to a website and cloud-based app. Whether you are just thinking about it,Guest Posting a beginner or an expert, web designing is an ever-green exciting career choice.

Some reports claim that in 2019 the average annual salary for web designers was around $ 73,000. However, becoming a web designer is not that easy. That’s why we are here with this article to guide you in this journey.

As a leader in this field, we also want to small business website designer near me admit that the internet is filled with fake claims and guides so make sure to trust only an authentic source like you did this time. This comprehensive guide packs everything you will need to become a web designer.

The process to become a web designer in 2020

This guide will provide all the answers starting from What is a web Designer, what they do, and why is it a great career? So stay with us and go through this article carefully to know everything about web designing. Let’s start with:
Understand the role: What is a web designer?

In short, we already told you that web designers give a website a personality. They combine their creative knowledge with their technical skill to design websites and pages that are functional, pleasing, and also support the business to achieve their goals.

Website designing is complicated because there is not a fixed wireframe that fits all, additionally, website design also depends on the niche of the website, for example, a website for lawyers will be completely different from an education-related website.

However, a web designer starts their new-project by finding the answer to the below-listed questions:

What is the target audience you want to attract?
What information do you plan to provide on the website?
Which design elements will work for your project to convert the visitors into the target audience?
How does the website support other marketing, like social media or email?
How does the website design will support other marketing campaigns?
How well does the design of a website reflect the unique brand idea of the client?
How will this website support the client to reach their business goals?
Who will be responsible for future maintenance and update work?

By keeping the answers to these in mind web designers create an engaging and efficient website for their clients.
Understand the work: What do web designers do?

The answer to What do web designers do? Depends on their skill and employment type. Commonly there are three common scenarios:
Freelance web designers :

Freelancers offer different services as per their skill and preference. They manage their own business, in addition to providing services to the clients. They have the freedom to choose which type of projects they want to work on. However, the pressure of managing their own business along with handling client’ projects is all-consuming.
Agency Web Designer :

Agency Web Designers are free from the tension of running their business, but they don’t have the freedom to choose projects to work on. The type of project they get depends on the services agency is providing and how the team manages any project.
In-house web designers :

In-house web designers manage a single website or a few websites that are managed by the company. Web designers normally get hired on the basis of the skill set required in the project. It is also possible that they get responsibility for specific features or particular sections of the website.

Key areas web designers need to aware of

Graphic design: Web designers by using colors, fonts, layout, and imagery in their designs to reflect the business idea or specific feeling to their target audience.
User-experience design: Web designers have to improve the user experience by observing the behavior of the visitors and can do changes in website design accordingly.


Conversion-focused web design: Web designers need to know how to design a site that helps the business to achieve the goals or increase conversions.

Web development: Most of the designers limit their work to designing sites, but some web designers also focus on coding, especially front-end development. If you are looking for the best Web Development Company in India for unique projects you can go with SAGIPL without worrying much as they are reputed and well-known thus the deal will be risk-free.


Digital Marketing: Web designers also work with the marketing team to do required changes in website or page design.
Maintenance and management: The website needs maintenance or continuous backhand work/ management. So not just building a website, web designers also have to update, maintain, or manage the website.

We would like to clarify here that you don’t need to be an expert in all of these areas to be successful. Web designers can choose a single area like many designers are already doing and you can also stay ahead of everyone by learning all.
Why is web-designing as a career is a great choice?

Major work in this field has been observed in the past decade, thus, compared to other designing fields, the web designing field is still new. Additionally, web designing is a fun and creative work, this field is evergreen and has new things to learn on a daily basis.
An ever-green field

As everything is being digitized nowadays there is no shortage of work, almost everyone spent most of their time on the internet for everyday interactions, such as social interactions, shopping, and business. The demand for skilled web designers is increasing in every industry.
Web design often works around your schedule

Whether you are a freelancer or working in a completely remote or remote-friendly company, a Flexible project timeline, and remote working capability is a huge boon for web designers. Freelancers have more flexibility as they can arrange your schedule around personal commitments and pick projects to balance your workload.
You can be a web designer without a formal education

If you have the skill and proper knowledge, you can find your first client easily to gain experience. And the best thing is that you don’t even need formal education or a degree. You can use specialty certifications and regular training to gain experience, knowledge and business.
It is a Crowded Market

It is still new and trending but the field has a lot of competition. Web designing is a crowded market, and it will be difficult to attract high-paying clients or jobs.

What training do you need to become a web designer?

There is no one fixed path to becoming a web designer. As we stated above, you can be a web designer even without formal education, but still, certified courses (online or offline), training, and of-course formal education can help you to stay ahead of everyone.

If you want a degree or just want to move in a formal way, then most colleges and community colleges offer degrees in web designing, thus find a good education center, take admission, complete your degree and keep doing practice. However, if you want to make the formal way more beneficial start working on some small projects.

The other way is informal-your own way, in it, you need to work on your skill and at the same time, you can work as a freelancer to gain experience and grow your business. By choosing this way you are actually saving a lot of time and effort.

Whether you choose to opt-in a formal way or informal way, you need skills and tools to become a web designer. The same is explained below.
The Skills and Tools you Need to Become a Web Designer

It is obvious that even the most comprehensive education will not automatically turn you into an in-demand web designer. You will need to practice your designing skills, learn the latest tools, and stay up-to-date with modern design concepts. Here we are with all the important skills and tools you need to have/learn to be the best web-designer.
Design theory and visual design

Graphic and visual design are visual mediums with various overlapping things between the disciplines. You need to have a strong command of Layout, Typography, Color theory, and many more things.
User experience

Great websites need to be both beautiful and functional, there are a lot of design elements that play into visitors’ experiences with a website, and how they feel while using a website. You need to understand and work on User personas, User research, User experience testing, Information architecture and navigation, and Wireframing.
Web development

Most web designers also take on some of the development work especially front-end development. To do the same you need to have knowledge of Basic web programming languages, Front-end development frameworks (Bootstrap, genesis, etc.), WordPress themes, Site Management, etc.
Conversion-focused web design

Good-looking websites are good but companies and clients don’t only rely on a website’s beauty and look while investing in it. They want a top-notch design that can help to generate the leads/ results for their business. To learn this art you need to learn about Site design tools (Divi, Beaver Builder, etc), Graphic design tools (Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Sketch), Prototyping tools (Justinmind, InVision or UXPin).

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Web designing is fun only if you are eager to learn and try new things daily. It is also sometimes complicated and sometimes very buzzy but the thing is that it is still one of the best career choices. Just follow the path shown above, keep yourself up-to-date with all the latest designing trends, and keep learning. That’s how you can become the best web designer.